Vel's Academy


• Our classroom model is interactive and constantly endeavouring to promote students’ all round development by providing them abundant mental and intellectual stimulation.

• Our Topic wise tests DPPS, Spin Tests and Emol Analysis Mechanism help the students to know their level of understanding.

• DPPS ( Daily practice problems sheets ) are distributed regularly in each subject.

• Great care is taken in framing the questions for the assignments so that it comprises of all the concepts related to that chapter along with their applications.

• The DPPS are thoroughly graded from basic levels to the top levels.

• This systematically covers the entire spectrum of all levels of problem solving right from the basics to the most advanced national and international Olympiad levels of problems.

• Original innovative questions motivate the student to think originally and make his/her perspective clear.

• This also kindles the passion in him/her to proceed further and there he/she becomes the true IITJEE Aspirant who is poised to score top rank in the topmost competitive exam of the planet.

Vel's Academy

Online Teaching

• The current situation of health emergency across the globe has shifted the academics from its traditional classrooms towards the online platforms.

• The entire Velammal Academy has risen to the occasion and has been running full fledged, all its classroom programmes entirely online and fully live, with the full rigour and intensity of the direct classroom programme.

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Study Hours

• Each day, once the lecture sessions are over students are allowed dedicated study hours for each subject. During this time students completely solve the DPPS /Assignments given to them.

• Senior Lecturer and A.L. (Associate Lecturer) will be present throughout the session to assist the students. The students can clear their doubts, on the spot, directly from their teachers.

• Students are also asked to upload their answers in selected DPPS and these get evaluated.

• Based on these reports, the students are counselled and guided for their consistent improvement in their performance.

Vel's Academy

Doubt Clearance Groups

• In addition there are doubt clearance WhatsAppgroups that literally run like a live discussion chamber for each subject.

• Alternatively the students can directly interact with their teachers and directly clear their doubts online.

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Weekend Examinations

• Every week, weekend examinations are conducted in mains level/advance level on  all subjects. These exams are conducted entirely online and is strictly in the JEE /NTA pattern and the results are posted in student groups.

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Error Analysis

• After the completion of week-end examination and the subsequent paper explanation, students are required to submit their error analysis report in each subject.

• Here they spot the errors they committed, rectify them and submit correct answers with steps.

• This is a very powerful procedure in strengthening the student at the ground level and ahead.

• The students are encouraged to explore themselves and discuss their strengths and weaknesses with their teachers.

• Counselling is given to them directly by the experienced faculty.

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Performance Enhancement Programme

• This is a guided programme to help the students systematically elevate their percentages from whichever level they are initially into a target percentage over a target period of time interval. This process consists of well developedacademic procedures and is continued stage after stage throughout the entire programme.

• This has been a powerful tool that could enhance the performance of each student of the institution, meteorically, to the point where he or she crosses the threshold percentage that would achieve for him/her, the top rank that the student merits.

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Syllabus Completion

• Once the two year IITJEE programme for incoming 11th students commence in the month of June, in a year, (late joiners in the subsequent months will be joined in separate batches and will be updated with the rest of the batches in due course of time) the syllabus gets completed by the month of July, the next year.

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Rank Booster

• This is followed by intense revision programme at Advance level, Mains level & NEET level.
• Before writing the JEE Examination, students will have completed atleast 5 rounds of intense NEET revision.

• They are also trained for effective time management in exam hall to obtain the maximum score.

• The special Advance Rank Booster Programme, the Mains Booster Programme & the NEET Rank Booster Programme immensely help each student in winning the best possible rank that he/she deserves.

• Special innovative tips are imparted to the students to see that they have the full command of their time in the examination hall, they do not miss/oversee a simple question, they do not give way for silly mistakes and that they have the right strategy for any kind of question paper they face in the examination.

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Parent Teacher Meeting

• Regular PTA Meetings are an integral part of Velammal Academic System. Under the current scenario the PTA meetings are conducted online.