Correspondent Note

Students possess enormous potential. They can formulate discipline for themselves, they can become the master of their own teacher, they can spin their own solution by thinking out of box and they can become innovative leaders and entrepreneurs of Science & Technology when nurtured in IIT , the epicenter of innovative education . Today it is the dream of every Indian to become an IITian and this height can be achieved only if students own their ambition for themselves and stand strict with dreams to undergo a curriculum.

VelsAcademy is all set with an aspiration and urge to empower students to accomplish their dream to become an “IITians today and innovative leaders tomorrow “ as we believe “ Greatness is not born is grown”.

Our Vision

To become a pre-eminent educational group that works towards the overall advancement of the society by enabling the brightest minds of TAMIL NADU to achieve what they desire to and what they deserve to.

Our  Mission

Our mission as an institution is to provide world class education to the student community at large, foster research and development, promote creativity and innovative approach in students, encourage technology and entrepreneurship and ultimately mold the students of today’s generation into young men and women of tomorrow, capable of assuming leadership of the society for the betterment of the country.